About AAA Oil Kings

Mission Statement:

Through exceptional coaching and fitness training, we will develop high quality young hockey players with an improved game knowledge and hockey sense, while building friendship and having fun.


To build a strong, dedicated Team, while delivering a professional high quality coaching and training.

To offer a complete hockey development program that provides quality on ice and off instruction to enhance player’s skills and build friendships with memorable experiences. We offer a program that gives players the opportunity to grow as a team, and indidually, while training and playing against other highly skilled athletes, that prepares them for the next level.


Our Team’s highest values are Team Work, Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Excellence.
Our Players, Parents and Coaches will reflect these values by committing to the following principals:

  • Team work at all levels- parents, coaches, players
  • Team comes first
  • Always do my best
  • Always try to excel
  • Never quit
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Respect for coaches decisions, opponents efforts and referees judgment

Coaching Philosophy

The coaches are committed to focus on each player as individuals, knowing each player learns and is motivated differently.  Each player will go through hockey and skating skills within a positive team concept, while skill is being developed.

The coaches are committed to promoting healthy competition and to optimize skill development for the enjoyment and success of all their players.

The coaches are committed to providing a safe and positive experience for the enjoyment of playing the game.