UPCOMING PRACTICES (all at Argyll Arena)



The River City Rhinos was created to provide an opportunity for players to participate in a privately-operated program that’s goal is to develop high level hockey players and create leaders both on and off the ice.

The Rhinos are a truly a unique hockey development program for athletes that aspire to play at the highest level.Our development philosophy is based on a belief that consistent, progression based instruction is required to develop elite hockey players and athletes.

We believe that a higher ratio of practice sessions to games, which is more similar to the European hockey and soccer development model, is required to improve an athlete’s skills and performance in competition.

The Rhinos provide a selected group of athletes a specialized training program and positive environment that hones their athletic skills and hockey development in a consistent manner over an extended period of time. This consistency in coaching and development program removes the interruptions that conventional winter hockey development programs present.

The River City Rhinos consists of a seven-month schedule with specialized on and off-ice instruction including professional power skating, and instruction from Rhinos instructors for 3 hours of practice per week.  We will play 36 games in the Hockey Super League (HSL) Showcase Weekends and 6-10 exhibition game tours.

My experience in working with some of the world’s top coaches, trainers and athletes has strongly influenced my belief in development models similar to what we are implementing at the River City Rhinos.

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Program Director

River City Rhinos